Distress Ink and Oxide Colour Combinations

I love to ink blend and often find myself spending a lot of time and wasted energy (and cardstock!) finding just the right colour combination with my inks. I do have a Pinterest board where I keep fun colour combos as I am trying to branch out from my tried and true favourites, but sometimes this doesn’t play out when inking – who wants mud??

When ink blending, your cardstock choice has a big impact on your final result – to learn more about different cardstocks and their suited mediums, check out my Cardstock article in my Best of the Basics Series.

You can use either Distress Ink OR Oxides for your blends – Distress Ink gives a more vibrant result and requires a bit of work to get a smooth blend, whereas Distress Oxide has a creamy quality thanks to the pigment, which is a little muted in colour as a result, but very forgiving for beginners.

Below, I have listed all available Distress inks in alphabetical order and will add photos of colour combos to each link for reference and inspiration as I create the swatches. Please note this is a work in progress, and more links will open up as I continue swatching – please check back regularly.

I have inked my swatches on 80lb Neenah cardstock tags – the My Favourite Things Treat tag is a nice size, but any tag or simple strip of cardstock will do. Punch a hole in the top and add to a ring for easy flipping through, or store in a binder with plastic pockets. You are welcome to save this page to your bookmarks or Pinterest so you can easily refer back.

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