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New Gadget Alert!

I do A LOT of die cutting, so this is a very exciting purchase for me! I ordered this machine in through my local shop Scrapbook Central in Petone.

Exactly the same as an original BigShot machine, just electronic – no cranking!

I spent most of 2019 creating Christmas Gift Tags (Gallery below) with the main intention being well-deserved Teacher Gifts, but also, selling packs of them at craft markets at Christmas time and making enough $$$ to purchase my very first electronic die cutting machine. This has already saved much shoulder tension! I’ve found even the intricate dies only need 1-2 passes with regular cardstock yay!!

Purchase from: Ribbon Rose

Grayson carefully replacing the US plug with a New Zealand plug. He managed this in 15 minutes!
Check out the amazement on Amélie’s face!

There was ONE hiccup in setting up my new machine – the US plug. Turns out, the transformer box fits within the range of NZ electricity requirements, and all it needed was a simple change of plug by hubby (or an electrician). A step down adapter was also an option, but bulky, and apparently voids warranty.

I have owned my new machine for a month now, and I LOVE IT. It is quiet! It has the exact same ‘sandwich’ as the original BigShot and also has the same platform feature that I am used to – I can simply lay my cardstock/stamped images onto the platform and bottom plate, then my die, top plate and run through. No fussing with extra shims, lining up all the extra plates and layers, all my precision and magnetic platforms are perfectly compatible, and did I mention no loud noise???

BONUS: Suddenly my little one wants to help with die cutting……

The control button does need to be held down whilst cutting – this is great for doing the partial die cutting technique, plus reversing and coming back over those tricky and intricate dies in the middle. I like the sense of control this gives me in my cutting.

The BigShot Express packaging

What’s in the Box? Apart from the machine itself, it comes with the base platform, a plastic shim, two clear plastic cutting pads and the power adapter. Other BigShot accessories are available (and can be used with most other BigShot machines), such as the Precision Platform for intricate dies, the rubber embossing mat, the magnetic platform, the extended platform and cutting pads, plus cutting pads in various colours.

For further in-depth information about more of the best value supplies for your craft table, from cardstock to the handiest tools, check out my Best of the Basics series. I do have a page especially dedicated to Die Cutting Machines and Trimmers, so you might want to check that out.

Thank you for visiting – I hope you have found the above information helpful in your card making journey. Feel free to message me if you have any questions regarding the BigShot Express!

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