All the Pretty Colourful Things!

Apart from all the colourful ink pads, there is an absolute abundance of pretty, glittery, shimmery products out there for achieving the beautiful finishes on our cards. Here’s how I store mine.

I was on the hunt for small, shallow type shelving – I found Lego Mini Figurine shelving on TradeMe (NZ equivalent of eBay). I painted them white and my husband mounted all four shelves onto a large backing board, which was then hung up on the wall. I had a couple of spare lengths which created the centre shelf holding all the Nuvo Drops.

This shelf is hung on the wall opposite my craft table and it really is a pleasure to look at! Easy access, and all importantly, easy to put away.

Here’s a close up – the very top holds the tallest bottles that literally can’t fit anywhere else in my room! Then I have my various specialty embossing powders and glitter pastes. (My oft-used embossing powders are nearer my craft table).

The bottom half of the shelving holds my colour – Nuvo Drops, distress sprays, Colorburst powders, Stickles, Nuvo Shimmer Powders, liquid watercolours and spray stains (actually a bunch are missing from this pic – being borrowed by a friend!).

Immediately to the left of that shelving unit is the left wall of my craft room – a full wall of shelving. This end holds my felt trays (felt box lids left over from my daughters toy storage boxes!). I adjusted my wall shelving to the minimum spaces to hold them, and I really like that the trays slide in and out easily, without marking up my white shelving.

These hold glitter pots, large squat shaped bottles of mousses and gels, my mini ink pads, paint palettes and boxes, and refills.

Close ups! You can see these trays aren’t particularly well organised, but they are easy to access.

Cheap pencil boxes glued into a larger box has worked great for me!

I had a bunch of cardboard pencil boxes in a row on a shelf at one point with all my Copic Markers – soon found it annoying to get up and get 12 different bottles of pens to colour simple images!

I got a larger box (a gift box from my local emporium store) and glued my pencil boxes inside. They are glued on their side and at a slight upwards angle so my pens stay put when I’m pulling them out. I can lift the box off my credenza and place on my table for a colouring session.

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